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Our investment in video cameras and recording systems offer another layer of theft deterrance and protection for your stored valuables.

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All rentals are month to month providing maximum flexibility. With notice, we’ll prorate your last month so you are charged only the time you’re here.

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Controlled facility access and an attentive staff doing frequent inspections; be assured we take the security of your valuables seriously.

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We work hard to maintain meticulous storage grounds and provide facility upkeep second to none.

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Reduce clutter, provide a safer more efficient workspace with access to secure storage whenever you need it. And don't miss a free copy of our Business Storage Guide!
Safeguards your information assets offsite at a lower cost. Free up valuable workspace for increased efficiency. And don't miss our free guides to Dental Record Storage, Medical Record Storage, and Legal Record Storage!
Store seasonal or overstock inventory. Declutter your backroom to keep operations easy and efficient. And don't miss a free copy of our Business Storage Guide!
Use us for between job material storage or daily tool and supply pickup. Even store your entire work vehicle. Early access hour privileges (5am). And don't miss a free copy of our Contractor Storage Guide!

Local Self Storage Units In Your Area

If you have recently relocated to a new home or workspace, you might find that your new house or office lacks sufficient space for your belongings.

Rather than clutter up your space and attempt to make everything fit by using every free drawer and closet, consider renting a local self storage unit. With a self storage unit, you can take the time you need to reorganize and figure out what to do with your belongings without the stress of having them take up all of your free space.

Renting a self storage unit is one of the best things you can do to reduce stress following a relocation. Continue reading to learn more about Seattle Sodo Storage’s available self storage units or get in touch with one of our team members directly.

Our Self Storage Units











How can I find personal storage units near me?

Lucky for you, this is the primary kind of storage unit that Seattle Sodo Storage offers.

Our personal self storage units come in a number of different storage unit sizing options including small or large closet-sized, bedroom-sized, and small and standard garage-sizes.

Below are the dimensions for each of our household and apartment storage units:

  • Small-closet: 5 feet x 5 feet
  • Large-closet: 5 feet x 10 feet
  • Standard-bedroom: 10 feet x 10 feet
  • Small-garage: 10 feet x 15 feet
  • Standard-garage: 10 feet x 20 feet


Our Business Storage Units

If your company has recently relocated and you’re in need of business storage facilities for inventory or other supplies, Seattle Sodo Storage can help you there too.

Our two business storage unit options are:

  • Business inventory: 10 feet x 20 feet
  • Contractor supplies: 10 feet x 10 feet

Get in touch with Seattle Sodo Storage to learn more about our business storage units or to speak with one of our team members about your unique needs for a storage unit.


Storage Unit Amenities At Seattle Sodo Storage

What are the benefits of renting a storage unit at Seattle Sodo Storage?

Some of the amenities that our storage facility is equipped with include:

  • Video surveillance. At Seattle Sodo Storage, we believe in the importance of security, so we’ve invested in quality video cameras in order to ensure that your belongings are maximally safe while they’re with us.
  • Climate-controlled storage units. Another benefit of using one of our storage rentals is that we offer climate controlled units. So if your belongings are climate-sensitive, you can rent one of our climate-controlled units.
  • Flexible lease options. Renting a self storage unit at Seattle Sodo Storage is a commitment-free transaction. All of our leases are flexible and have a month to month rental option to provide you with the most convenient solution for your needs.
  • Door alarms. Our storage facilities are equipped with door alarms to alert staff if there is an attempted intrusion of any kind.
  • Pristine facilities. We take pride in the cleanliness of our facilities and make sure that they are never left in an unmaintained state.
  • Customer-focused staff. Another benefit of using our storage facility is that you get a premium customer service experience as well. Each member of our staff is customer-focused and ready to be of the utmost service to you.

As is evident from the list above, Seattle Sodo Storage takes pride in offering superior, high-quality storage facilities that can meet a diverse range of needs. No matter what you’re looking for in a storage facility, get in touch with our team to learn more about our available self storage units.


Seattle Sodo Storage Service In Seattle, WA

If you’re ready to invest in a quality self-storage solution for your personal or business storage needs, get in touch with Seattle Sodo Storage today.

Our company is a fourth-generation owned local business that was founded over 100 years ago. We were originally a lumber wholesale business but transitioned into providing storage solutions in 1975.

Seattle Sodo Storage now has more than 1,500 storage units in three different locations in and around Seattle. So if you’re in need of premium storage facilities for your belongings, get in touch with Seattle Sodo Storage today or swing by one of our locations to see our facilities for yourself.

We would love to be of assistance to you as you settle into your new home or office space. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our storage facilities, amenities, or availability. Get in touch with one of our team members to learn more.

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