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Even in today’s digital era, many businesses need secure legal records storage. Records management is difficult enough with the latest online resources, but storing physical copies for legal and information purposes does not have to make the process more complicated. Reliable records storage at Seattle Sodo Storage is one solution that is worth exploring—here are their expert tips for organizing and securing this type of information in a suitable storage unit.

Seattle’s courts and legal offices need to store active case files, court records, and many other documents that contain sensitive or confidential information. Legal records storage units like ours make compliance, discretion, and authorized access easier to enforce.


Tips to Help you Organize Legal Records

As a company that understands the specialized needs of the legal industry, Seattle Sodo Storage recommends organizing legal records as follows:


Creating categories helps firms sort and find documents easily while ensuring that nothing disappears. Why not use categories as a base for file naming systems? For example:

  •       Client name
  •       Case or matter number
  •       First filing date
  •       Name of the leading lawyer

These categories should also be consistent, unambiguous, and easy to understand. Avoid shorthand or obscure terms that new employees may struggle to grasp—a simple system is an effective one.

Check For Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information (PII) traces identity easily, so documents containing these details need additional care.

Sort Everything

It is best to organize legal documents into five categories:

  •       Act—immediate attention and action
  •       File—important paperwork that the firm will only access once or twice a year
  •       Keep close—personal paperwork that employees use
  •       Recycle—old, useless paperwork that is taking up space
  •       Shred—old documents with sensitive information

Find a Storage Place

Finding a reliable records storage facility like Seattle Sodo Storage is crucial. The facility should understand retention regulations and know how to secure all types of legal records.


A company should also keep a meticulous log of the stored documents so that anyone can access the inventory list and know that it is accurate. It will simplify finding the relevant business records without wasting precious time scouring each of the filing cabinets.


Basic Security Measures For Protecting Legal Records in Storage Areas

Most secure legal record storage facilities have robust security measures in place. For example, Seattle Sodo Storage only allows authorized personnel to access certain records to protect sensitive or personal information.

Security Alarms

The use of security alarms can ensure that the facility and its clients are aware of unwanted intruders with immediate effect. A secure records storage facility like ours has adequate alarm systems and tight access control logs to track all record storage visitors.


The purpose of surveillance is to detect intruders before they breach the area, and it is invaluable for preventing unauthorized entry.

Climate-Controlled Facility

Documents are susceptible to mold and moisture damage, and a climate-controlled facility is critical for preserving legal records. Storage facilities like ours ensure that humidity is under control and that the unit seals properly to keep away pests.

Fire Alarms

It is surprising to learn how many Seattle businesses lose records to fire. Sensitive fire alarms ensure the secure records storage facility reacts fast enough to prevent loss or curb further damage.


Types of Legal Records We Store

At Seattle Sodo Storage, our professionals still provide the same dependable service they have since 1987. However, technological development has ensured continuous improvements in the scope and security levels of our Seattle legal records storage options. We can store any legal record, including:

  •       Contracts
  •       Wills
  •       Deeds
  •       Business deals
  •       Trusts

Off-site storage is a suitable option to protect legal records that do not involve active cases but still require protection. These records are rarely accessed, so why should they take up space at the office? Authorized personnel can still access these records as needed.


Benefits of Storing Legal Records in Seattle Sodo Storage

What is the primary benefit of Seattle Sodo Storage’s facility for legal records? Storage options. We have various security features and facilities available to store all types of documents for complete protection.

If the company is working with sensitive, personally identifiable information, this is the best way to ensure its integrity; it also makes legal compliance easier. Ask us about our bespoke solutions that keep these types of records safe, from security and fire alarms to 24/7 surveillance.

Legal Record Storage Experts

Choosing a legal records storage service isn’t easy. We understand that and are here to help.

From offering super-low prices and using high-pressure sales tactics – to unqualified storage facilities and near-worthless security methods – how do you ever find a convenient, secure, professional record storage service?

We’ve been in the storage business for over 32 years and have helped hundreds of legal record customers find the perfect secure self-storage solution. We have placed all those useful tips and recommendations into a handy guide to storage and we’d like you to have a FREE copy.

In this fact-filled guide, you’ll discover: how to avoid nineteen record storage hidden dangers, nine misconceptions about storing records in your office, and four steps to eliminating record storage headaches. We wrote this guide to help you better understand the record storage industry. Armed with this important information you will be able to make n make an informed, intelligent decision.

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Choose Seattle Sodo Storage for Dependable Legal Records Storage

If securing and organizing records is essential for your operation, Seattle storage units might present an appealing and affordable storage solution that can free up space in the office. Why not look into the Seattle Sodo Storage options for storing sensitive legal and business records, and see how we can help you?

Our track record should be enough to offer you peace of mind—call Seattle Sodo Storage at (206) 508-6366 today for customized and dependable legal records storage solutions.


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