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Do you need medical record storage in Seattle? Choose Seattle Sodo Storage.

Many years in the industry make Seattle Sodo Storage the perfect solution when your medical practice needs to store its vital medical records.

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Managing and Storing Medical Records

There are many benefits of choosing Seattle Sodo Storage for medical record storage. In Seattle, the law’s stipulation is to retain patient records for three years past their 18th birthday (or six years for adults), and that is a lot of paperwork.

Safely storing medical records in Seattle comes with clear benefits, including:

  • decluttering the office
  • organizing current medical records
  • protecting patient information
  • simplifying HIPAA compliance and retention regulations

You do not need a bigger office; you need Seattle Sodo Storage. Let us help you with the perfect storage space for your needs.


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Medical Records Storage: Is It Necessary?

Why choose Seattle Sodo Storage? There are many reasons to choose us as one of the best medical record storage destinations in Seattle. We offer easy and flexible lease terms and over 30 different-sized storage options.

Seattle Sodo Storage is also conveniently located, and we keep our storage facility spotless. Security is a priority for us, with cutting-edge technology to protect your goods. We will safeguard all your assets when they are stored at our facility.

Types of Medical Records

Seattle Sodo Storage is the ideal facility for storing all types of medical records. Our storage services expertly manage all your paper medical records, protecting the personal information entrusted to you by your patients. You can keep your medical records with us and enjoy peace of mind knowing that our state-of-the-art security systems protect those records.

Seattle Sodo Storage is an ideal storage facility for:

  • Paper Patient Records. You must retain old patient records under Washington state law guidelines. Why not relieve the clutter in your medical office by storing these types of documents with one of the most trusted medical record storage companies in the city?
  • Lab Reports and Diagnostic Information. Diagnostic reports stack up quickly, including lab reports, X-rays, and other vital information that takes up precious office space. The beauty of storing them is that you can retrieve them just as easily when you need them at Seattle Sodo Storage; if not, they are safe and out of the way.
  • Handouts. Every medical office has brochures they use for patient education, but these boxes of handouts quickly get in the way. Bring your patient handout boxes to Seattle Sodo Storage until you need them.
  • Billing Records. Medical content is not the only record that can pile up, and billing records are just as important. A responsible practice needs to protect the personal information and medical data in these records with a secure service like Seattle Sodo Storage.

We are here to help you stay compliant with the state’s retention period regulations and clear office space simultaneously. Call us for more about our dependable and affordable medical storage in Seattle.

Best Practices of Storing Medical Records

Our experienced team helps our local clients follow the area’s best practices for storing medical records in Seattle. There are strict HIPPA laws when it comes to storing medical records. Destroying documents is risky, and you need to be well-versed in the retention period laws before you take this type of action.

Use these tips for protecting your patient’s privacy and information according to the law:

  • Use The Proper Physical Safeguards. “Physical security measures” ensure no unauthorized entry into a patient’s medical records. When you store medical records at Seattle Sodo Storage, we take care of those physical safeguards, with controlled access and locking systems on every door, among other precautions.
  • Keep Track of All Records. It is wise to create a logging system to ensure that only authorized personnel has access to the documents. Only permitted individuals get in at Seattle Sodo Storage, and you can control who has access to any of your records at our storage facility.

Take your HIPPA worries off the table with secure medical record storage at Seattle Sodo Storage—call us today to learn more about our secure and clean facility.

Turn to The Leader Among Medical Record Storage Facilities

Is it time to clear out old records and other documents taking up your office space? Seattle Sodo Storage provides a secure environment for storing medical records and complying with local and national regulations. We are storage industry leaders, prioritizing the protection of our clients’ documents to the letter.

Feel free to call us today with any questions you may have about our medical record storage. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help with everything you need to know about medical record storage in Seattle. Call Seattle Sodo Storage today at 206-508-6366 to reserve your space. Contact us today!

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