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Seattle Commercial Storage

Commercial self-storage is something that many business owners have to consider as their business grows and they begin expanding their roster of equipment. Business storage units may also come in handy when a business relocates and is in need of temporary storage for their equipment between locations.

If you are looking for commercial storage units for rent, continue reading or get in touch with Seattle Sodo Storage today to speak with one of our staff members about our available small business storage units in Seattle.


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Business Self Storage

Here at Seattle Sodo Storage, we do commercial storage right.

With our constant video surveillance, flexible lease and payment options, and pristine storage facilities, it’s no wonder that Seattle businesses choose to partner with us for all of their storage needs.


What Is Business Self storage?

Business self-storage is where a small or large business uses storage facilities as a temporary or long-term storage solution.

Businesses may need commercial storage due to a relocation or just to store extra products or equipment.

Regardless of the reason why you’re considering getting a commercial storage unit, continue reading to learn more about Seattle Sodo Storage’s commercial storage units in Seattle as well as the benefits of getting a commercial storage unit.


What Type Of Businesses Need Commercial Storage Units Seattle?

Every industry can benefit from partnering with a commercial storage facility they can trust.

Some industries that often are in need of commercial storage include:

  • Contractors. We offer contractors storage facilities for their large equipment or project materials.
  • Retail Companies. Inventory can be difficult to store — making a storage unit a useful tool for retail companies.
  • Offices. Equipment, supplies, furniture, and more often fill office spaces and create a crowded atmosphere. To avoid clutter, many offices are in need of office storage for some of their extra equipment.
  • Realtors. A profession in real estate often requires a lot of paraphernalia including signs, marketing materials, and more. This makes having a commercial storage unit ideal as most realtors don’t want these materials cluttering up their home or office spaces.


Benefits Of Having a Commercial Storage Unit

What are some of the benefits that come with having a commercial storage unit rather than just storing your extra equipment or gear in your home or office?

Some of the best benefits of commercial storage units include:

  • Less clutter at your office or home.
  • Your extra materials or equipment are in a convenient location.
  • You can feel confident knowing that your equipment and materials are safe and secure.
  • You know where to find your stored materials and equipment when you need them.


Our Commercial Storage Units Seattle Sizing

Here at Seattle Sodo Storage, we offer a variety of different commercial storage for rent unit sizes.

Our main business self-storage unit is 10-feet by 20-feet — ideal for most business owners who are just looking for a place to store their business inventory.

Other storage unit sizes we offer include:

  • Small closet: five feet by five-feet
  • Large closet: five feet by 10-feet
  • Bedroom: 10-feet by 10-feet
  • Small garage: 10-feet by 15-feet
  • Standard garage: 10-feet by 20-feet
  • Contractor supplies: 10-feet by 10-feet


Why Choose Seattle Sodo Storage For Your Commercial Storage Needs

Why should you partner with Seattle Sodo Storage?

Here at Seattle Sodo Storage we prioritize doing commercial storage the right way.

When you work with our team and storage facility, you ensure that you get a convenient, secure, and spotless storage unit for your commercial belongings or inventory.

Our team of commercial storage unit professionals offers friendly service, customer support, and make sure to actively answer the questions of each and every customer we serve.

When you partner with Seattle Sodo Storage to make your business experience simpler and more streamlined, you ensure that you get the storage help and professionalism that you deserve.


Where To Get Commercial Storage Units Seattle

If you’re in need of commercial storage units for rent in Seattle, get in touch with Seattle Sodo Storage today.

Our commercial storage professionals would be very happy to help you find the right storage unit for your needs as well as answer any questions you may have about our storage unit availability and features.

Get in touch with Seattle Sodo Storage today to speak with one of our team members about our available commercial storage units.

We look forward to helping you improve your business functionality through our optimal storage facilities.

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