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Wine Storage Facilities in Seattle

Are you looking for a place to store your wines here in Seattle? If so, you can get the best options for climate-controlled wine storage facilities by contacting Seattle Sodo Storage. Our convenient location makes it easy to add more items to your collection or retrieve something from your private space.

You can contact us to set up a flexible lease at one of our clean and well-maintained facilities. We can discuss all our available storage options when you call us at (206) 508-6366. Let the professionals at Seattle Sodo Storage take care of your wine today.


Why Do You Need to Store Wine Properly?

Proper wine storage can impact the quality of your wine. Therefore, the experts recommend that you put time and effort into finding the right wine storage facility. Wines stored at the wrong temperature may mature too slowly or too quickly.

Improperly storing wine can also cause the corks to crack or split. Sometimes, poor storage facilities will allow mold or mildew to grow over your bottles. You can reach out to us to work with a wine storage company that understands how to handle your investment.


Best Ways to Store Wine

Selecting the best wine storage facilities here in Seattle will make you feel confident about the safety of your investment. Our wine storage facility helps you meet the standards for the best ways to store wine. We focus on:

Standard Conditions for Wine Storage

Our wine self-storage units maintain standard conditions for safe storage. We keep temperatures at around 55℉, and our rooms maintain a 50-75% relative humidity level. Our team also allows you to control factors like light and vibration, further protecting your wines.

Climate Control: The Right Temperature and Humidity

The experts tell us that wine stores best when temperatures remain around 55. You can slow down the maturation process if temperatures get colder or speed it up if the temperatures rise. We also understand the proper humidity levels.

Allowing the humidity to fall can cause your wine’s corks to crack. Higher humidity levels can lead to unwanted mold growth.

Proper Lighting and Ventilation

Generally, you want to keep most wines in the dark area. Exposure to high amounts of light can change the chemical compounds in your wine. We keep your storage areas dark and well ventilated, which can prevent the development of mold or unpleasant odors.

Appropriate Storage Materials

Wood, metal, and plastic all represent appropriate materials to use for wine rack construction. We have the space to hold any type of rack you want to construct.

Safety Against Fires & Accident Tendencies

A fire can destroy bottles of wine. Accidents, such as dropping a bottle, can also lead to a significant mess. We take steps to prevent these incidents.

Enhanced Security

Bottles of wine are often very expensive and may interest thieves. We provide security on all of our storage units to protect your investments.


Our Seattle Wine Storage Facilities

Our company can help you select a wine storage rental that meets all of your needs. We have various climate-controlled storage units that can provide you with the space you want while leaving your wine to age.

We provide several options, including units that start at 5 feet by 5 feet. Our largest climate-controlled units are 10 feet by 20 feet: roughly the size of a standard garage.

All of our climate-controlled units come with insulation, enabling us to reduce dust and debris inside your unit. We also keep your units equipped with air circulation features, which keep the air around your wine fresh and can reduce musty odors.

We utilize many different security features to protect your investments, including:

  • Video surveillance
  • Door alarms
  • Locks

You can rely on us to provide you with friendly service when you come in to store your wine or when you want to retrieve a bottle.


Why Choose Seattle Sodo for Your Wine Storage

You can rely on wine storage facilities for storage here in Seattle. Our team at Seattle Sodo Storage provides you with secure, temperature-controlled units and can handle wine storage for restaurants in the area as well as for private individuals.

We offer flexible leases that allow you to store your wine for as long as you want. You don’t have to worry about making a long-term commitment when you work with us. Find out how to sign up for our specialized units by calling us at (206) 508-6366.


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