Common Storage Questions

How big of a storage space do I really need?

We have a full range of sizes from 25-360 square feet that will accommodate almost any need. See our storage estimator sizing guide to help determine the right sized space. An efficiently packed small space will cost less than a large space so make the most efficient use of space by stacking items vertically as much as possible. Ceiling heights vary between 8′-10′.

I have some large items, what about access to my space?

Storage door opening sizes do vary by unit size. We have a number of storage units with drive-up access. Conveniently located building access points, covered loading areas, flat moving carts and dollies, and freight elevators make our inside units just as easy to use.

How much will a storage unit cost me?

See our storage pricing page for real-time size and rate information on available units by location.

What if I only need storage for a short time?

The minimum rental period is one month. Not sure how long you will need your space? Our flexible month to month agreement allows you to cancel at any time with no obligation. With proper notice (20 days) we will prorate your final payment to the day of move-out so that you only pay for the time you’re using your space.

When can I access my rented space?

7:00am – 10:00pm 365 days per year (except Rucker location). Have a special need for extended 24 hour access? Please ask one of our staff and we will do our best to accommodate.

Is your Rental Truck really FREE?

Yes, with any new storage unit rental exclusively for our customers. Depending on the size space rented a half day use or full day use of our 14’ box moving truck is provided for your move. First 30 miles are FREE, * $15 insurance damage waiver and gas charges will apply.

Do I really need a heated space?

Here in the damp Northwest, moisture in the air can have an effect on sensitive items such as books, paper goods, electronics, artwork, clothing or fine furniture. Packing your items well can help but for these types of items we recommend heated space. Consistent temperature ranges and airflow circulation systems help minimize the potential for damage to your goods due to moisture. Most of our storage space is insulated, heated space with an approximate temperature range of 50-70 degrees. A limited supply of non-heated is available at our Hewitt location only

What about the security of my stored valuables?

All three locations provide 24 hour monitored security for maximum protection of your stored goods. Security controls allow only authorized persons to come and go to storage units within our facilities. Surveillance cameras with video recording also serve as strong deterrent. Your personal padlock serves as a final security layer.

McDougall Ave
Building access points require tenant entry code at keypad. Individual door alarms on every unit door. Every facility entry or exit, door opening or closing is registered and monitored by our system.Video surveillance cameras monitor site activity 24/7

Hewitt Ave
Gated grounds with individual unit door alarms on every unit door. Every facility entry or exit, door opening or closing is registered and monitored by our system. Video surveillance cameras monitor site activity 24/7

Rucker Ave
On site staff control the access points through sign in / sign out procedure during building access hours. Tenant photos are stored to assist with identification. Monitored alarm engaged during non business hours. Video surveillance cameras monitor site activity 24/7

Are my contents insured if something should happen?

It is likely that your individual homeowner’s, renter’s or commercial goods insurance may extend to your stored property however it is best to first check with your provider. Insurance on your stored goods is your sole responsibility and not covered under our Everett Downtown Storage policy. We do offer a competitive pay with rent insurance program starting at just $8 per month if you find you are not covered elsewhere. Please ask for details.

I don't need to move quite yet, will you have the space I need then?

With three downtown locations and over 1500 units chances are we can accommodate almost any need on your timeline. Unit characteristics, pricing and availability do change day to day so it is best practice to reserve space as soon as you can.

Can I have packages shipped to my unit?

Yes, as a courtesy service we will accept packages delivered to us and place them in your storage unit. Our Rucker Ave location also offers private mail box rentals with 24/7 access, mail forwarding and more.

When is my monthly rental payment due?

By default it is your move-in anniversary date however; if the first or the middle of the month work better for you to make payments, we will be happy to prorate your rent and make it due any day you choose. Late charges apply to payments not received within 10 days of due date.

What options do I have regarding my payment?

Monthly billing statements with return payment envelopes are automatically sent to your address of record unless you sign up or request our automatic payment plan. You may also request emailed invoices in lieu of paper statements. We accept Cash Check or Credit (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS). You can mail in payment, pay via this website, in our offices, on our kiosk or as many prefer via

Automatic Payment Plan
Monthly payments are automatically billed to a credit card or via ACH draft from your checking/savings account on payment due date or up to 10 days later within our payment grace period. Sign-up by clicking on the “My Account ” link above.

I am ready to rent, what do I need to bring?

Valid picture ID is required at the time of rental. Payable at move-in is the first month’s rent plus a one time $10 administrative fee. No other charges or taxes apply. A personal padlock is required on your new storage space so bring one along or choose from the selection for sale in our rental office. We also offer great pricing on a complete line of storage boxes and moving supplies.

I need some assistance packing and moving my belongings, can you help?

We have a complete line of moving boxes and storage supplies and can recommend some moving company options. Please call for details.

We have everything you need for worry-free storage